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Lunch at Rew Rew

We have a friend staying with us from the UK which means only one thing, we get to have lunch at Rew Rew. Rew Rew is one of our favourite restaurants on the island and is reserved for special occasions and when we have guests. Its located at Mgarr ix-Xini which is quite difficult to get to, but so worth it. Read More Lunch at Rew Rew

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Yachting around Gozo

I had a fantastic day today, yachting around Gozo and gaining a whole new perspective of this beautiful island. On Thursday I received an invitation to join Captain Judy on board the good yacht Scorch for lunch and trip around the island. How could I refuse such an exciting opportunity?  Read More Yachting around Gozo

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Mixta Cave

Summer is finally over on Gozo so it’s time to explore a cave!  It has been a long, hot summer which has been great for swimming and going to the beach, but not so good when you want to go off and do over things, like Dylan, my dog. Dylan isn’t too keen on swimming, he prefers to walk. So last weekend when the weather was cool, we took the opportunity to trek to Mixta Cave.  Read More Mixta Cave

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