Lunch at Rew Rew

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We have a friend staying with us from the UK which means only one thing, we get to have lunch at Rew Rew. Rew Rew is one of our favourite restaurants on the island and is reserved for special occasions and when we have guests. Its located at Mgarr ix-Xini which is quite difficult to get to, but so worth it. The food is delicious. The menu is mostly fresh fish, which is hard for me as I’m a vegetarian, but luckily they do the VERY BEST and I mean VERY BEST Gozo cheese ravioli on the island.


Mgarr ix-Xini is a beautiful place. It has a small pebble beach and is located at the end of an inlet. The sea is usually calm and perfect for diving and snorkelling in the hidden caves, but today it was incredibly windy. Which wasn’t really a problem, it kind of added to the excitement of being in such a spectacular location, it just meant dodging the odd umbrella that tumbled over or getting dust in your face.


When we get there we are greeted by Rew Rew’s owners (Sandra and Noel) dog Gozo. She is such a friendly dog and has become good friends with Dylan, she even brings her own cushion over to share with him from time to time. When Sandra, comes over, in her very welcoming manner, she knows exactly what I want, Gozo Cheese Ravioli (named for the island, not the dog). Everybody else, however has a choice of over 15 different types of fresh fish. David and our guest Jayne decided to share a Barracuda and a Sea Bass, both of which came with salad and chips. Dylan looked very happy with their choice. This was washed down with a local, dry, white wine called Medina.

Mgarr ix-Xini is the location of Angelina Jolie’s latest film she’s directed and as such, it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. The area is very well known by locals and a few well known figures, Billy Connolly and his wife were their last time, and so were hoping it doesn’t become a major tourist hotspot as it is a lovely, serene spot for lunch.

The food comes and it does not disappoint. The Gozo Cheese Ravioli is exquisite and Jayne, David and Dylan all agree the fish was perfect. Noel, Sandra’s husband is an exceptional chef, we have never had a disappointing meal here or had reason to complain.

After 3 hours, a few bottles of Medina later and a complimentary liquor we decided it was best to go. As we left, Gozo came out to say goodbye and as she wagged her tail we made our way up the steep hill to the taxi.

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