Activities on Gozo

There’s so much to do on Gozo! The activities listed below are among the most popular we arrange for our guests. But if there is something specific you would like to find out more about during your stay on the island please ask us. If we can find out about it and arrange for you to experience it we will be very pleased to do so.

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Gozo, voted ‘second best diving site’ by Diver magazine, boasts around 50 dive sites, most of which are accessible from the shore including thee wrecks; the Cominoland, Karwela and the Xlendi Ferry.

Gozo is well known for its underwater topography, renowned for its amazing drop-offs, walls, caves and caverns. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver there’s something for everyone in Gozo. With numerous dive schools and warm clear water its the ideal destination to do a diving course and for those wishing to experience diving for the first time Gozo is the perfect place to have a taster dive.

The more adventurous and experienced can dive Gozo unaccompanied upon production of the correct certification. If you are going to dive unaccompanied it is important that you hire a car or a jeep. Book early as during the peak season its sometimes difficult to hire at short notice.

The small size of the island means that you spend little time travelling between sites and if there is wind on one side of the island you are only ever minutes from an alternative dive site. One of the most popular dives is Blue Hole in Dwejra. A big draw for divers, its a natural underwater archway that leads to the open sea.

Some dive schools run daily boat trips to some of the more inaccessible dive sites where its possible to see large shoals of barracuda, grouper jacks and much more.


Gozo is fast becoming a popular walking destination, especially during the Spring when the island’s abundance of plants bloom in the most amazing colours. With many idyllic routes, ramblers can explore typical Gozitan villages, fascinating archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and craggy cliffs.

With a bit of planning and the use of a regular bus service its easy to walk out to the various destinations on the island and return by bus.

A visit between October and May is ideal for hiking and walking.

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The fastest growing leisure activity on the planet, cycling is one of the best modes of transport in environmental, economical and health terms and, as every child who has ever climbed on a bike knows, cycling means freedom. On Gozo the bicycle provides you with the freedom to enjoy your holiday at your own speed, free from the hassles of other forms of transport.

The island’s landscape offers spectacular views from spots that are more easily reached by bike than by a car and what better way to experience the tranquil and serene feeling of the narrow village streets, or rubble walled country lanes than by cycling along them.

The short distances between villages and towns means that cycling between them is easy so its possible to ride to historical and cultural places of interest in different locations. Gozo is a little hilly so you need to consider fitness levels when planning routes but don’t be put off as cycling is a wonderful way to explore the island.

As cycling becomes more and more popular on Gozo shops catering for the needs of the cyclist have sprung up in all the main towns offering rentals and repair services as well as running organised tours for groups.


Home to the ‘King of Kings’, a 55m roof climb that is one of the longest in the world, and hailed by international professional climber and Gozitan Stevie Haston as ‘the next big climb destination’, Gozo is becoming more and more popular with climbers looking for year round challenges and training opportunities.

The island offers more than 300 sport climbs spread across 12 locations within a 20-minute drive of each other and an indoor climbing wall. Several Grade 7 and enough tough Grade 8 routes provide enough tests to keep experts happy for at least two weeks. Most cliffs have zero approach time and the most distant is only a 15-minute walk so climbers can spend their time climbing rather than getting to the climbs.

For the less experienced there are many lower grade and introductory routes and even some family friendly cliffs that make taking the kids along a viable option.

Whether you are seeking the most demanding sport climbing, a spot of bouldering, deep water soloing, sea level traversing, or simply wish to introduce the family to the sport, Gozo can provide. Abseiling is also increasingly popular.

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